Wholesale whiskey barrel double rack pricing is listed below, call us with delivery questions.
1 Rack

1 used double barrel rack we are currently offering $40 per rack. This is a great buy. Minimum purchase is 1 rack or $40.

1 pallet 10 Racks

1 pallets of barrel racks  we are currently offering $350 per pallet or $35 per rack. This leaves a great profit margin for resellers reselling barrel racks.

3 pallets 30 Racks

3 pallets of barrel racks we are currently offering $300 per pallet or $30 per rack. This is the best profit margin for resellers.

Our used double barrel racks are made from Western Square and have been used, cleaned but not reconditioned or repainted so some paint wear is expected and some surface rust on them, no bent or damaged barrel racks, overall very good condition for a used rack.

From Western Square website:
The Double Bar Rack with two pairs of connecting bars has replaced the single bar rack (with one pair of connecting bars) as the industry’s standard two-barrel topping rack. The double bar rack is stronger, not from the standpoint of compressive strength, but because it better resists “tweaking” when full barrels are inadvertently pushed along the floor with a forklift. Further, the double bar rack provides a safer situation when lifting barrels from the side, because the forks come in between the two sets of bars rather than simply under a single set. Thus, if the outside barrel is, for some reason, heavier than the barrel closer to the forklift, they might tilt but they shouldn’t fall. This rack has a 7” forklift opening which allows enough room to get your head between the barrels in a stack to see and smell. Below is the specifications for the double barrel rack with rack dimensions.

Specifications for Western Square double barrel rack.
color: Beige
length: 30.5"
width: 44.5"
weight 60 lbs.
cradle center to center: 29.5"
end forklift opening: 7"
side forklift opening 3"

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