Kentucky Barrels
Kentucky Bourbon is America's only native spirit. By law Bourbon must be made in NEW American white oak barrels. The many years spent aging in new barrels is one of the reasons Kentucky Bourbon is the best whiskey in the world today. After the golden liquid is removed, the barrels are exported where they are REUSED to make Scotch and Irish whiskey, rum, and tequila. It is our pleasure to share this valuable part of our Kentucky heritage with you.
Here are some of the many uses for our great oak barrels
With a little imagination you will find many things to do with our great Kentucky oak whiskey barrels. We have listed a few on this page
Making Barrel Furniture Booklet#MBF Making Barrel Furniture  $16.00  includes shipping
This helpful 24 page booklet has 9 different furniture projects you can make at home with our Kentucky whiskey barrels or wine barrels. It gives you a list of tools and supplies you will need to make beautiful barrel furniture. Loaded with lots of diagrams, and bonus color pictures. If you decide to buy our barrels and make furniture, let us know. If we like what you make, we will let you sell your barrel furniture through our web site.
You've seen our barrels in motion pictures, on tv programs, at amusement and theme parks, in restaurants bars and pubs, and at your local golf course
Our Kentucky Whiskey Barrels are featured in the December issues of Southern Living, and This Old House Magazines,
Sanded BarrelThis is a picture of a vintage whiskey barrel that has been cleaned with deck wash and sanded. Sanding reveals the beautiful American white oak. If you don't want the vintage look but don't need a new barrel, this is a way to make the used barrels look almost new and still retain the character of a vintage barrel

vintage barrelThis is one of our "Vintage" barrels. The many years spent in century old warehouses where they react to the change in seasons we experience here in Kentucky makes for a very beautiful patina on these vintage barrels. The "Rustic" barrels look the same, just missing a few hoops. The Vintage barrels are our most popular.
Scroll Down To See Unique Ways To Use Our Kentucky Whiskey Barrels
Double Barrel Bar
One of our customers sent us these pictures of a bar made with two of our Kentucky Whiskey Barrels
Close up of barrel bar
This is a close up of one of the barrels used in the bar. They have cut a door in the barrel which allows plenty of storage space.

They have stained the barrels and put a protective polyurethane coating on them.
They look great.

Barrel BarBarrel BarThis beautiful bar is made with 2 barrels cut down the middle.

The picture to the right shows the back side of the bar. Plenty of storage room behind the barrels. One of our smaller barrels would have made a perfect sink base for this bar

Imagine what  you would have to pay for a work or art like this. Amazing what can be done with only 2 of our Kentucky Bourbon Barrels.

Rustic Barrel BarThis rustic weathered bar is made with a barrel sawn in half lengthwise. It is selling online for $650.00 plus shipping. rustic barrel bar
This simple barrel bar is very easy to make. Here you have four of our rustic barrels as the base with a top consisting of a 2x4 frame with a mosaic top. This particular bar is portable and is owned buy a rental company that rents it out for special occasions.

Here is another example of a Kentucky Whiskey Barrel base bar.
Looks good with just 2 Kentucky Barrels.
bar storageBesides supporting the bar, The Kentucky Barrels are great for storage. Cut a door in the barrel and you'll have lots of room to store your bar supplies.
Wine RackWine RackWine Rack

Click on pictures for larger view.
Click here to go to the web site selling this beautiful Wine Rack

See what can be done with our New and Vintage Wine Barrels

This unique wine rack is a must have for anyone who enjoys having a conversation piece in their home, bar or restaurant.  The thoughtful design and careful construction of this wine rack combines to provide for a spectacular center piece that is masterfully functional.  The barrel itself is an original wine barrel that has been carefully refurbished to bring out the natural patina of the American white oak.  The wine rack embedded in each half of the barrel is constructed from solid hardwood and steel and can hold up to 19 one liter bottles of wine, allowing you to store up to 38 bottles of your favorite vintage.  The stand is constructed out of solid hardwood and reinforced with hardened steel  making it structurally sound to accommodate the weight of the barrel and its contents.  In keeping with the uniqueness and heritage of the wine barrel, the wine tap has been redesigned to act as a locking system to secure the two halves of the barrel together.  This ingenious wine rack is guaranteed to attract lots of commentary and attention.

Sells online for $2100.00 

Simk made with one of our Kentucky Barrels
We love these beautiful sinks made with white oak Kentucky Bourbon barrels. We also sell our new wine barrels for use as sink bases, they look great.

A door could be put in the side for plumbing access and plenty of storage. These would look great in your bathroom or bar area
Barrel Base Sink
Barrel Base Sink
                                                                               As you can see these rustic wine and whiskey barrels make great sink barrel sink base

Barrel Sink pictured at right available at
Barrels & More
Another Rustic Sink Base
barrel sink A great looking sink base made with a  very rustic Kentucky whiskey barrel

barrel sink
You can buy this now on Ebay for $895.00 plus shipping
barrel sink

This rustic Kentucky whiskey barrel sink base is going for $895.00 on ebay. Notice how you must drive screws through the hoops around the cut. It looks like the top was removed and a round piece of plywood was cut to insert the sink.

Wine Barrel SinkThis sink is made from a NEW WINE BARREL.
It sells online for $1800.00
Wine Barrel SinkAnother sink made from a
This one sells for $1600.00
Bourbon Barrel Fountain

This unique Bourbon Barrel Fountain has water dyed to look like Bourbon trickling down the washboard like barrel staves from a Kentucky Bourbon bottle into the barrel half below.

Made from our Kentucky Barrels.
Bourbon Barrel FountainThis beautiful Bourbon Barrel Fountain features water pouring from an antique wooden pump into a bucket which overflows in to the barrel.

Pictured here are just a few of the beautiful fountains that can be made with our Kentucky Barrels.barrel half fountain

4 half fountainLook at this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. This fountain is made from 2 of our Kentucky whiskey barrels cut in half. Perfectly landscaped, a true piece of art.

Click on the picture to see a larger more detailed view of these fountain. It is selling on line for $1349.00
barrel fountain

This  beautiful barrel fountain is made with a vintage  Kentucky Bourbon whiskey barrels  half. Just add a pump, and in this case a cast iron hand pump, and you have a soothing addition to your deck, patio, yard, or garden.
Table and Stools

This rugged double top table and bench stools would make a great addition to your bar. The set sells for $600.00
Look at this beautiful rustic barrel table and chairs. We've seen them for $1200.00 per setBarrel table and chairs
Display Barrel Barrel Chest

Here are two examples of our Kentucky Barrels with doors cut into them. The barrel on the left has double doors and could be used for display, a bar, or storage. The barrel on the right has a single door and is being used as a storage trunk.

Two of the many ways to use our Kentucky Barrels
whiskey barrel wine rack


With out too much work you can make one of these unique wine racks with one of our Kentucky white oak whiskey barrels or one of our Kentucky crafted white oak wine barrels
make a cooler
Need a unique  drink cooler for your party, cookout, or business. Try one of our new or vintage Kentucky whiskey barrels with the top cut out. The one pictured here has a plastic tub inserted in the top filled with ice and drinks. You could even cut a door in the bottom to store more drinks. A perfect quick and easy to make cooler. And it looks GREAT too! 
Barrel Trainwater garden

Check out this great barrel train planter. Very creative, it shows what can be done with our  solid oak Kentucky whiskey barrels.


A water garden with a fountain.
Made from one of our barrel halves

plant tomatosStart a Mini Container Garden

Whether you live in an apartment house, condominium or a home with a small garden plot, you can add color to your surroundings and some tasty vegetables to your table.
You will be surprised at what can be done with a few of our Kentucky whiskey barrel halves in a small area. A tomato plant or two grown in one of our barrel halves can supply you with fresh tomatoes throughout the growing season. Special varieties have been developed especially for container gardening. Other vegetables that grow well in containers include peppers, cucumbers and squash. One or two plants will provide enough beans throughout the growing season for at least one meal a week for a family of four. You can plant vegetables and decorative flowers in the same container. A single tomato planted in the center of a tub and surrounded by colorful geraniums or petunias is an attractive arrangement. Container gardening takes less water, overall, than a garden plot, but may require more frequent watering.  You can utilize small space efficiently with successive plantings of vegetables that mature quickly, such as radishes and leaf lettuce. Replant each area as it is harvested.
Barrel Art by Sharon Harwoodart barrelart barrel
 Our barrels are made from top grade, tight grain, slow growth, American oak. These new and vintage barrels provide a wonderful natural surface for painting, burning or carving. They are a natural wood product which lends itself beautifully to landscape and decorative painting. Inside or out, one of our barrels would look great at your house or business. All of our barrels are MADE IN KENTUCKY USA
advertisingUse a Barrel Head or Barrel End to create advertising for your company or organization.
They look great in restaurants, bars, & pubs. 

Hand Painted Oak Barrel Staves by Artist Kathy O'Neil

Jack O BarrelI thought I had seen just about everything you can do with our great oak Kentucky whiskey barrels but then I saw this unique work of art. (there is a light inside for night time)

Just goes to show you what you can do with a little imagination and one of our Kentucky barrels.
hand carved top

This solid oak barrel head is hand carved. It is another example of what can be done with our Kentucky whiskey barrels tops. They are 21 inches in diameter and about 1 inch thick

CLOCKThis unique easy to make wall clock is made from a  Kentucky Bourbon Barrel end and 12 miniature Kentucky liquor bottles. Looks like it's always time for a fine Kentucky Bourbon. Custom Laser EngravingWe can laser engrave your design, artwrok, or text message on barrel tops.
Barrel Cart

The cart pictured here is pulled behind a motorcycle. It is made from a vintage oak whiskey barrel

This shows what can be done with our great Kentucky White Oak Whiskey Barrels
Barrel Cart open
This is a side view of the same cart. This picture shows a door cut into the side of the barrel. Other carts have the door on the end of the barrel.

This cart is selling online for $1895.00

Wheelbarrel / Planter
Here is a wine barrel cut in half longways makes a useful Wheelbarrel or Wheelbarrel planter.
Trailer Barrel
Use a Whiskey or Wine barrels to make a garden tractor cart such as the one pictured here
Half Barrel Chsirs

Chairs, and more chairs, use your imagination, the possibilities are almost endless. These chairs sell online for $169.00 each
Barrel Chair

A wood worker made this beautiful sturdy barrel chair out of a vintage barrels. You can make all kinds of furniture from these wonderful oak barrels.

This Kentucky whiskey barrel chair is selling for $350.00 There is room for lots of storage under the seat too.

Folding Stave Chair 

How about this unique folding chair made out of oak barrel staves.
This simple barrel stave chair sells online for $150.00
Stave Rocker

This interesting rocking chair made from barrel staves is  selling online for $1000.00
for displayA company that sells grain bought our half barrels to display their grain at an industry show. Their dealers liked the displays so much that they requested them for their stores.

They made a display base from old barn wood, notched it and set the Kentucky whiskey barrel half with the grain display on top of the base. 
Barrel Top Mini BarWhiskey Display Use our barrels to make this barrel top mini bar or use them for advertising displays

This Mini Bar is made from on of our Barrel Ends
rain barrel faucetHome Stores sell rain barrels for $160 or more. We've seen them on line for $275. Make your own from one of our barrels, or buy our ready made Bourbon Rain Barrel  A beautiful way to save water. Don't they look better than a plastic barrel?  
Trash CanThis trash receptacle has a galvanized metal can as a liner. The customer has cut the barrel, hinged the top and cut a whole in the top. This makes a very nice easy to empty receptacle. If you do this don't forget to secure the hoops.
trash barrels
We sell vintage and new barrels to golf courses, community parks, amusement parks, and many other businesses for use as trash receptacles. They are very sturdy, long lasting and attractive. They look so much better than plastic or metal. We sell the tops with  rope or cast iron handles to use as lids. We can make custom cuts for you.

Make  this beautiful sturdy barrel stave shelf. Our Kentucky oak barrels have hundreds of uses.
Stave Bench

How about this cute little bench made from our oak Kentucky whiskey barrel staves. Sells for $150.00
Barrel Smoker
How about this Kentucky whiskey barrel smoker.  Notice how screws are driven through the hoop into the staves to hold everything together.
Use our Kentucky Whiskey Barrel Chunks to ad smoked flavor to your grill or smoker

Peanut Barrel

Use one of our barrels to make a peanut barrel. Someone put a burlap liner secured with a rope on this one. They are selling it online for $149.00 plus shipping

Wagon Wheel Barrel Tables

One customer makes these beautiful wagon wheel tables with  our Kentucky whiskey barrels. We can cut the barrels for you.
All you need is a Kentucky Whiskey Barrels and a table top to make one of these strong bar tables
Unique Barrel Tables
Wine Barrel with Donut TopEasy to make "Donut" top barrel table
Just cut a donut shape out of a 3/4 inch piece of plywood and you have the top of this unique table.
The nice thing about this top is that you can make it higher or lower on the barrel depending on the size of the inner circle. You could put a Lazy Susan on the exposed barrel top. Looks GREAT , and don't forget all the storage you get by cutting a door in the barrel.
Glas Top Cut Barrel TableGlass Top Barrel Table

Just cut the barrel end off and put a piece of glass on top and you have this beautiful table. Make itBarrel End any height you want.

And you have the end to hangup on the wall of your bar.
Barrel Stave Love Seat

We found his big barrel stave love seat selling online for $1700.00. Looks nice.
Barrel Couch

Make this unique whiskey barrel couch
Easy To Make Composter / Planter

Sunfrost Scrap Eater Composter

The Sun Frost Scrap Eater 

A stylish, high-tech composter creating mineral rich soil from your table scraps. 
Plants growing in the soil on the perimeter of the Scrap Eater feed directly off nutrients that you create in the composting section. This miniature ecosystem composts food scraps in a sealed compartment so you can display the Scrap Eater on a deck, porch or even an apartment patio without concern about odors, insects or animals.
Compost Planter Barrel
“My Sun Frost Scrap Eater is a bottomless pit. I’ve had it almost three years and it’s still only two-thirds full. My roommate’s and my diets are mostly vegetarian, so there are plenty of scraps being tossed in every day. The cork screw stirrer makes mixing easy. And I like the design—it’s a nice addition to my patio with sapphire blue lobelia draped against the natural wood wine barrel. The worms love it too.”

- Margaret E, Sunny Brae, California

Click on picture for a larger more detailed view

Wine Barrel Ice Chest

Here you see a wine barrel made into an Ice Chest. Very easy to do. You will see these on ebay for $899.00
Ice Chest on ebay for $899.00

This Barrel Chest is a Buy It Now on ebay for $899.00.

Make your own for a LOT LESS
You never know when you will need one of our barrels

You never know when you will need one of our Kentucky Barrels
barrel hoop ballThese unique spheres are made with our whiskey barrel or wine barrel hoops. Use as a topiary,  hang
from the ceiling, or as yard arthoop ball
Our barrels, tops, and staves are made from top grade, tight grain, quarter sawn, American oak. These barrels, tops, and staves provide a natural surface that lends itself beautifully to landscape, tole, and decorative painting.
All of our barrels are hand made in Kentucky. They are made from solid American white oak. The oak tops and staves are approximately ONE INCH THICK. The used empty barrels weigh approximately 125 lb.. These great new and vintage whiskey barrels have many practical and decorative uses Here are just a few: Use them to catch rain water for your home livestock or garden. Put a plank top across 2 barrels to make a serving bar or counter top. You can put a piece of glass on top and  use one as a table. We sell them to businesses and parks for use as sturdy trash barrels. Some customers have purchased them  to make wine and beer, after they have been sanitized on the inside. See a wine or beer supply store for more information on sanitizing barrels. . You may have seen some of our weathered barrels in "Road House" type restaurants with peanuts in them.  Use them for a western  or country look. Use them for displays or decoration in your retail store or restaurant. Use them as garden displays. Make rustic furniture out of them. I have seen a great looking swing made from a Kentucky Bourbon barrel, and a real conformable looking barrel chair. Or how about just a great old barrel to look at! We have one in our family room. A photographer that bought one of our vintage barrels for a photography prop told us they sell in photography catalog for $300.00 each.  The barrels cut in half are great for use as planters, fountains, or water gardens.
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