You know they have to be rugged to support full size Kentucky Whiskey Barrels and
Barrel Halves.  
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Made of high density polyethylene
barrel dolly
Notice how the barrel sets down in the rim of the dolly, this prevents it from sliding off while moving.

* Rated to hold 500 pounds *

Works well with large pots too!

#BD115  BARREL DOLLY  $49.00
 Plus $25.00 shipping

Black barrel dolly
Dollies Are Now Black
Barrel Dollies

Our dolly is 24 inches in diameter,  weighs about 8 pounds, and has 6 heavy duty rubber and steel casters. The barrel sets inside the dolly, this allows you to move your barrel or planter with ease. The dolly helps protect the barrel and lifts it off the ground, preventing it from leaving a ring on your patio or deck.   
Easily holds our full size barrels, or our half whiskey barrel planters


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