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  Just a few silver dollars buys you one of our Vintage Barrels
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Keep Our Money At HomeConvert from fiat paper to Silver

Silver-Based Currency

  • Has intrinsic value – can be used as a store of value
  • Cannot be destroyed like paper money
  • Monetizes silver
  • Silver content has many other uses (disinfection, etc.)

Currency Has No Face Value

  • True value of coin determined by people themselves in bartering exchanges
  • Not pegged to the dollar – if dollar self-destructs, bartering currency will still live
  • Encourages the pricing of business inventory in ounces of silver, not in dollars – this monetizes silver

Non-Government Currency

  • Government cannot control currency – no government interference
  • Government cannot change face value of currency
  • Government cannot inflate currency
  • Government cannot deflate currency
  • Government cannot stop people from using currency
  • Is completely private and voluntary, not forced on the people like government money

Protects Against Inflation

  • As dollar inflates (devalues), value of bartering currency increases – buys the same amount no matter what happens to dollar

Protects Against Deflation

  • Increases amount of money supply in community

People Control Every Aspect of Currency

  • Value is determined by people themselves in bartering exchanges
  • People determine amount of currency in circulation – anyone can strike coins, as many or as little as they want
  • Anyone can freely distribute coins – decentralized distribution
  • Any business can legally and voluntarily accept coins – bartering is legal – or give them out as change
  • Is completely voluntary – bartering currency cannot be forced upon anyone

Acts As A Community Currency

  • Can be used to insulate communities from State-wide, national, or world-wide effects of deflation or inflation
  • Banks won’t accept it for deposit – they can’t remove currency from community
  • Stays in local circulation, favoring local businesses
  • Encourages circulation as money – worth more as bartering money than value of silver content
1916-1945 Mercury Dime1946-1964 Roosevelt Dime1932-1964 Washington Quarter1916-1947 Half Dollar1948-1963 Franklin Half Dollar1964 Kennedy Half Dollar1878-1921 Morgan Dollar1921-1935 Peace Dollar
We accept silver dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars. Coins minted through 1964

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Some of the Silver Coins we accept.   We also accept Gold Coins and Bullion   Click here for current silver price
Why Bartering Currency is Necessary:   Europe 2020's Global Systemic Crisis Reports   -   The International Forecaster's Reports
Media Attention:  Community Currency Magazine   June 2009 issue, 2-page spread, pgs. 20-21
How the Silver Bartering Currency Increases Your Wealth! (youtube video)

Silver BarterWe accept gold and silver barter coins, as well as US coins, and bullionAOCS Apporved Web Site
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